Elevation Lab TagVault: Bike

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The love a bicyclist has for their bike is a special one. It’s personal, in a way that most transactional, daily driver human/car relationships are not. And unlike cars, with their array of anti-theft security features, a solid U-lock is often the only thing between a safe bike and a pilfered one. 

Harnessing the power of Apple’s AirTag locator fob, Elevation Lab’s TagVault: Bike secretly holds an AirTag in a waterproof housing that attaches to your bike’s standard water bottle mounting points. The provided titanium bolts use an anti-theft Torx driver for installation, adding another degree of security. Set up the AirTag via the app, and if the unthinkable happens and someone makes off with your bike, you’ll know exactly where to send the bounty hunter.  

Elevation Lab Tag Vault: Bike

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