Teenage Engineering Tonic Pocket Drum Synth

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To all those that say you either have rhythm or you don’t, I say: Humbug. With even the barest bit of practice, even the most timing-challenged of us can start to develop a sense of the driving drum beat that lays the foundation for our favorite songs. The question is, then, how are you going to get that practice in the first place?

Enter Teenage Engineering. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, the company produces some of the most innovative—and compact—musical equipment on the planet. Take their Tonic as a great example: It’s a fully functioning, pocket-calculator-sized drum synth that’s guaranteed to get you grooving in no time. Beginners will find the visual display of sequenced sounds easy to work with, while more advanced electronic music gurus will love the ability to add sounds via a compatible VST.

Price: $99

The Takeaway: Learn the basics of rhythm with a pocket-sized drum synth, then go on to electronic music stardom.

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