DropRacks Roof Racks

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Unless you happen to stand about 7 feet tall or have Inspector Gadget style extendable limbs, chances are pretty good that you’ve found it frustrating to pack and unpack a roof rack on your car. Most people ignore this, as it comes with the territory of expanding your storage options past cramming a few Rubbermaid totes into the back seat.

But the time for awkwardly stretching over the top of your car to open your lockboxes is over. Or at least, it can be if you make the switch to one of DropRacks’ new Roof Racks. Here’s the deal: Rather than staying in place in the most inconvenient location possible, DropRacks slide out on a stable roller system and extend out to chest or waist height. And just like that, you have instant access to your otherwise roof-bound gear—and that’s a real game changer.

DropRacks Roof Racks

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