Nike Air Max Terrascape 90

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Craft meets functionality with Nike’s Air Max Terrascape 90. With its interesting multi-sectioned aesthetic, this sneaker features several useful layers that work with each other to serve up comfort and performance. There’s a mantle of suede that strengthens and drapes over the toe cap and the gridded nylon base. Another piece of suede sits around the mudguard, with the signature swoosh connecting the front to the back. This feast of textures is then topped onto a transparently-cased lime midsole, adding a sleek icy touch. 

Plus, the Terrascape 90 reuses existing plastics, textiles, and yarns. The materials are chosen because they account for more than 70% of the shoe’s footprint. So not only is this Air Max a stylish collage, but an environmentally constructed composition too.

Price: $140

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