Ferrari 296 GT3

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Ferrari continues to impress the hell out of the automotive world. Introducing pure sex on wheels, the Ferrari 296 GT3. This car is for professional race drivers but everything about it screams to your mischievous side when it comes to driving performance. 

It’s probably good that the 296 GT3 is the future of Ferrari GT racing because in the hands of an average driver, this car could be dangerous. Sometimes seduction is just too hot to handle. You want it, you know you want it. The reality is, you can look but you can’t touch.

Engineered by Ferrari Competizioni GT designers, the 296 GT3 features sculpted aerodynamics when compared to the production Ferrari 296 GTB. The 296 GT3 is based on the 296 GTB but the GT3 is the racing version. Meanwhile, the 296 GTB is the production version but don’t expect it to look as sharp as the GT3 does. 

At the heart of 296 GT3 performance, you will find a mid-mounted V6 engine. Exact specifications are not official but some industry insiders anticipate that the 296 GT3 will produce over 650 horsepower. Of course, they might have to dial that number down a bit to comply with regulations.

Ferrari 296 GT3

The point is, Ferrari is beyond capable of producing machines that exceed regulations. Think about that. One of the greatest motorsport companies in the entire effing world is not even allowed to put their best product onto the track. Does that make you want a Ferrari more or less? For most drivers, they want a Ferrari even more. 

Also because of racing regulations, the GT3 could not use the same hybrid system that the production GTB has. There is a good chance the V6 will have at least one turbocharger. Ferrari is very experienced with using forced induction to get more power out of their powerful engine designs.

Other additions to the Ferrari 296 GT3 include a full body kit engineered by the Competizioni GT team. There is also a large rear spoiler that really makes the silhouette of the GT3 strike fear into the competition. The team spent a lot of time on directing airflow to make the GT3 a very efficient and effective race car.

Welcome to the future of Ferrari GT racing. The 296 GT3 is almost ready to hit the track. Ferrari says it will replace their current 488 race car as early as 2023.

Even though the average consumer cannot buy the Ferrari 296 GT3, there is a good chance this car will eventually make its way to Gran Turismo 7. You might want to get a steering wheel for your Playstation 5 to get the full 296 GT3 experience. It is definitely worth it. Happy racing and remember to use your brakes instead of slamming into other drivers on the track.

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