Rogue Ales Knuckle Buster Cold IPA

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In the weird in-between time where credit cards were all the rage but electronic processing was yet to be refined, cashiers had to manually imprint the details of credit cards using a hand-operated machine. 

This was no smooth operating device, though, and its digit-skinning reputation gave it a new name: The knucklebuster. That colloquialism then found its way to gearheads and garages everywhere to describe the “oh sh—” moment after a wrench slips. 

Rogue Ales’ new IPA in collaboration with motorcycle builders Revival Cycles pays homage to the craft of custom bikes. It’s brewed using a cold fermentation process that’s as labor-intensive as a custom chopper build—and just as impressive in its results, too, with a crispness that rivals any pilsner and a clean, bitter finish that hardcore IPA fans will love.

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