Bluelounge SocketStation Smart Hub Shelf

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If I’ve learned anything from browsing the r/amateurroomporn subreddit (completely SFW, mind you), it’s this: Cable management is king. Just by stashing away the usual cords and cables for the ever-expanding plethora of electronic devices in your home, you can transform any space into a tidy and well-organized retreat.

Of course, doing so is always easier said than done. Or it was, until Bluelounge came up with the brilliant idea of integrating cable management with an accessory that fits directly over your wall socket. 

Their SocketStation Smart Hub Shelf is a brilliant idea, with easy installation that replaces your existing outlet faceplate and gives you a little shelf to rest your devices on while you charge them. That’s right: No more phones on the floor, you animal. And the integrated storage space inside the shelf lets you wind the cords while they’re plugged in, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Price: $12.99

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